The Percentage of human among all the living being is even less than 1%. How Remaining more than 99% creatures survive in this universe, though they do not have any knowledge regarding their health nor they get any kind of medical assistance. Do they never become ill? How do they cure themselves? Why the person living in neat & clean atmosphere, taking hygienic diet & drinking pure mineral water also fall sick? On this issue independent & unbiased investigation is necessary.

            Human body is one of the best machinery available in the world, having five sense organs as well as fully developed mind which works in complete harmony & co-ordination. Even if a pin is pricked at any part of the body, at that time neither eye will like to see best scene of their choice nor ear will bother to hear best songs of their liking. Mind which does not remain stable for a moment & is usually roaming all over the universe, also concentrate on that particular point. The which has got such a good co-operation & harmony, can how only single disease put harm rule on that body. Human body is complete in itself in all respects. In has got huge capacity to cure itself.

Ask yourself who am I?

            Everybody should ask himself-“who am I? Where from I have come before birth? Where I shall go after death? How & why we got human life? Why every human do not receive same atmosphere & circumstances? Why age of everybody is not same? Why the development of body in mind, wisdom & sense organs are not similar to all humans? Few are disabled since birth in some, organs are partly developed. Some are having UN proportionate development, some are unhealthy since birth. Who decide association of any family, society, Place, culture, religion, working condition circumstances & other factors before taking birth?”

Awareness of Health is Essential-

            Everybody wants to remain healthy but health can’t be achieved by willingness alone. Before the treatment every patient must try to know & understand what the disease is & how far he is responsible for the same?

            Why & when it occurred? What can be the direct & indirect reasons for the same? What are the supporting & opposing elements? The person himself is responsible to fall ill & want to cure with the help of medicine & doctor. Is anybody else can breathe on his behalf? Is anybody else can digest food taken by him? It is a universal law that solution of any problem is available at the same place, where problem his occurred. Therefore, the diseases which occur in the body must also have remedy definitely inside the body itself.

            Thus such therapies which are more close to self dependability will be highly effective due to more involvement, awareness & right efforts done by the patients for their treatment.

            The body has a capacity with in itself to keep it healthy. The best medicine & experienced doctor only help in the process of natural healing of body. Without the help of body all efforts will not give satisfactory results.

Innumerable Diseases exist at the time of illness

            There are innumerable diseases in the body but most of the therapies while doing diagnosis overlooks this fact & give priority to the main disease, whose symptoms are reflected out or shown in pathological tests. By neglecting supporting disease it is very difficult to cure main disease, just like in democracy to remove leader we have divide his supporters. This is a universal truth & the treatment of systems which do not accept this fact, can only treat partly & temporarily.

Violence is unjustified-

            Direct or indirect violence for the purpose of treatment is totally unjustified. To get the knowledge of modern allopathic science millions of creatures are being dissected. For the manufacturing of modern medicine & for their experimentation purpose animals are being tortured while ministering medicines for experience. How anybody can get peace happiness by given shock & troubles to other? Who has authorized us to take life of any living creatures? We have got no right to kill any living beings for our benefit because we cannot produce them again.

            Such cruel act cannot be a behavior of humanity taking life of any body is totally illegal to unjustified.

            We will get the results good or bad depending on our actions. We cannot get rid of this universal law of nature. Result can be delayed but never forgiven. It is most unfortunate that violence is justified, advocated & considered as essential part of treatment.

Blind faith is Harmful-

            The most of the persons don’t agree that they themselves are responsible for their bad health. Without the clarifications of the doubts about the result of the diagnosis, they start their treatment having blind faith on Dr. without caring for side effects. Unnecessary use of medicine reduces vitatility of body. The mental & emotional causes wrong habits of diet, living pattern, life style which is very well known to the patients but he can’t express his feeling properly. Whatever feelings a patients can express, those feelings will not be indicated by modern tasting equipments as well as pathological test, and therefore, the modern system of diagnosis cannot be considered as total and perfect. When diagnosis itself is incomplete, the root cause of disease may be ignored, therefore neglected, how such treatment can claim itself as perfect scientific, effective, permanent etc.? In fact by modern Therapy treatment is don for relief but patient is not fully cured. Simply to give relief & to suppress the causes of disease, such Therapy cannot claim for perfect treatment.

            We must think calmly that the bodies which can produce its own cells, blood, flesh, bones, fat etc., can certainly cure the disease itself.

            How is it possible that such a remarkable body which is self designed, self controlled, self working will not have capacity to fight & cure with its diseases.

Basis Requirement of self-Dependent Therapies-

            The method of operating body with fully awareness & alertness is the basis of self dependable life. To develop human capacity, understanding & awareness, is its main object. Involvement of patient is most important. Therefore, possibilities of evil side effects are almost in nil. Such treatment can be done confidently irrespective whether the patient is or old, educated or uneducated, poor or rich, an ordinary person having no deep knowledge of human science or person knowing all about body.

Self dependent therapies are simple to use-

            Any person who knows how to put on the switch can use electrical equipments, even though he does not know who has invented electricity? When & where it was invented? How it is generated, distributed & reaches up to his home? What is the voltage, frequency, current etc.? By simple knowledge of operation of switch he can use electricity. Similarly with slight knowledge & practice many chronically & acute diseases can be cured effectively by many self dependent therapies.

            To accept anything blindly is a symptom of foolishness then how can a person claim himself as intelligent? Rejecting unknowingly the result oriented experienced fact?

Basic Parameters of Good Therapy-

            The basic requirement of any good therapy is to give relief immediately & give to permanent results. So called Modern system of treatment depend on physical results whereas self curing therapy works on the fundamental principles of nature if we follow diagnose there, treatment & preventive methods, we can get prompt results.

Parameters of Good Therapy-

            The requirement of any good Therapy is to have correct diagnosis of basis cause of disease, & to give immediate relief without any side effect. The Therapy who is easily available, simple, economical, self controlled, indulges in non-violence directly or indirectly & which is competent to cure body, mind, speech, thought as well as soul.

            The therapies in which awareness regarding eatable-no eatable, nonviolence-violence,  right-wrong, legal- il-legal, do & don’ts etc. are given due importance, only those therapies can claim themselves as scientific,  perfect & best.

Results is the best Justification-

            Thirsts disappear if we drink water. Touching fire will burn part of body etc are such universal principles which does not require any clarification or proof or collection of statically data’s. Similarly if we don’t accept the treatment which has got no side effect & give immediate relief as in the absence of available statically data’s cannot be considered as scientific such Science compare benefits & loss of any system. The benefits of modern medicines are advertised widely but their ill effects are hidden or not highlighted. With such approach modern system of treatment cannot claim themselves to be scientific & fundamental & others as alternative or unscientific. But due to our unawareness, negligence, ignorance & false publicity such claims are being justified universally.

Which is an alternative therapy?

            Independent or dependent. Easily? available or available with difficult approach. Simple or complicated, Economical or costly. Non violent or responsible for violence directly or indirectly? Having no side effects or are having side effect? One which increase vitality of body or other which reduces resistance power of body? The Therapy which work on the universal law of nature or the Therapy which neglect law nature? One which remove root causes & do permanent treatment or other which give only relief & make addict medicine for who’s of life? Considering body mind & soul as one unit while treatment or the other therapy which is working on the principles, that each & every part of body is independent. On the basis of above observation we our self can decide which is Basic or Original Therapy & which is Alternative. Two plus Two remains four, they can’t be five even if crores of people agree. Similarly self dependent therapies are the Basic Therapies & no Alternative as expressed by modern health practitioners.

Is modern treatment only Scientific?

            In total health, body mind & soul are treated together. Vitality of body is duly cared. Soul is not allowed to become impure with evil karmas where as in modern treatment by which patient can get immediate relief is given top priority irrespective of other side effects.

            The Therapy in which treatment of root causes are neglected, in some diseases, taking of medicine becomes necessary for life long, how such diagnosis & treatment can be scientific?

Why Self Reliant Therapies are Effective?

            Self Reliant Therapies based on the principles of drugless treatment are easily available, simple, cheap, permanent and free from harmless after effects, at the same time increases the vitality of body. Simultaneously they develop self awareness & inspire for maximum utilization of available human capacities. They work on the principles of non-violence & not on the principles of direct or indirect violence. Also they follow the principles of equality and not disparity, self dependent & not dependence on others, do not believe in temporary relief but based on effective permanent final results. They remove the root causes of disease rather than suppressing symptoms of disease. They are also capable of purifying simultaneously body, mind & soul. Give importance according to priority. They are more effective, scientific, original, harmless, and reliable as they based on the eternal principles of nature.

ith all the bones of body therefore. Oil Gandus is beneficial for treatment of all kinds of joints pain & bone problems. This process is also helpful in curing diseases related to thyroid gland and throat problems. Also oil Gandus improve appearance of face, voice get improved, cracked lips, loose teeth & other types of teeth pain also get cured and voice get improved through this simple procedure.

            In this therapy the diagnosis of diseases is not required. If a healthy person practices oil Gandus regularly the possibilities of occurrences of any disease will be reduced to minimum. Therefore, healthy &unhealthy both persons will be benefited by oil Gandus.

            The patients suffering from high or low blood pressure, heart or kidney diseases, skin problems or any kind of blood problems should practice oil Gandus twice or thrice a day. Surprisingly results start coming with in few days. Oil Gandus is to be done preferably with empty stomach or before taking any meal otherwise, vomiting may occur. After 20 minutes of Gandus process oil become poisonous, After Gandus wherever oil is to spitted, must be cleaned properly otherwise any insect attracted by its smell may die due to use of this impure oil in ignorance. Also wash your teeth & tongue properly.

            Oil Gandus is very simple, easy, cheap, self possessed, non-violent, harmless, effective & beneficial to treat all diseases.

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